I often wonder when it was that we, as humans, or as a general society, decided that we only have five senses. I think at this point, most of us realize that there are more than five- and I wonder when it was that we actually thought to count them in the first place. It’s very limiting to define such a thing. Personally, if I were to count the senses that I use on a regular basis, I have at least seven. Actually, now that I am counting, I am up to about nine, but that is beside the point.

This isn’t to say that I don’t actually have MORE than those senses I am about to list, as I am sure that I do, and I am in fact limiting myself by putting a definition or number on such a thing in general, but for the purpose of this particular discussion, let’s say that I have nine. Everyone has these, not just me; it’s all about tapping into them. People tend to think of these things sometimes as “gifts” sometimes as “curses” depending on the context. For my personal experiences, I have considered them at both ends of the spectrum at certain times in my life.

There’s the usual five: vision, audio, touch, smell and taste. Quite limiting those five, no? When you think about what we experience as human beings- this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are capable of, well, experiencing- with this very body that we are in right now.

I also add perception and intuition onto those basic five.  Those two go hand-in-hand, obviously, and some might think that they are basically the same thing, but I would have to disagree. Perception and intuition are both derived not only from what you can sense with those five “boring” senses, but also from each other. For me, perception uses all of our other six senses (the five + intuition), and intuition comes from something that I cannot name (I literally don’t have a word for it, but we can say it’s something along the lines of the inherent knowledge that we carry within us).

We all use these seven senses every day, nobody can deny it. Personally, in addition to those seven, I also have the ability to see energy currents in different ways. I can literally, with my eyes, see energy fields around people/animals as well as electrical energy around appliances and machines. I can also see something that is hard to describe, but mostly that things are not solid and are made up of particles- almost like I can see the molecules or atoms in things vibrating against each other. It’s really strange to try to explain that- but that is the best I can do at the moment. (I feel like a lunatic even writing this!) I don’t know if seeing energy fields and seeing vibrating atoms are considered the same sense- but I group them together since they are both visual. In which case, I suppose you could go ahead and group those into the basic “sense of sight,” however, since most people don’t generally see these kinds of things I am going to give them their own category.

My ninth sense, which now that I think about it can maybe be grouped in with my eighth one, but in this case I am going to give it its own category for the sake of discussion, a dissection of the senses, if you will, is sort of a combination of the sixth, seventh and eighth senses. It is the ability to sense, using perception, intuition and energy-sensing abilities to see things that are generally considered to be “not of this world.”

This ninth sense is something that I have worked VERY HARD to squelch within myself because it scares the ever-loving crap out of me. The more you tap into this ninth one the more things start “following you around,” so to speak. You open that gate and then pretty soon you are NEVER alone, and for me, it soon starts to give me a panicky, claustrophobic feeling. There have been a few times in my life that I have opened these gates, whether on accident or on purpose, and I ended up slamming the door closed each time because it’s a very overwhelming thing to deal with. Not just for myself, but for my family as well.

As for my regular old five senses, these seem to be in a permanently heightened state. My sense of smell is practically ridiculous. I can literally smell you coming, if I know your scent. I can’t be in the same room, or floor as someone wearing cologne or perfume because it’s so overpowering that it makes me want to throw up. Same with incense. Barf.

My sense of taste is much stronger than it used to be, but I think that is a result of switching to an all-organic, whole foods diet a couple of years ago. Now if I eat something that isn’t organic I can tell in a minute. Non-organic meat and dairy repulses me- and vegetables and fruit that are non-organic taste like water to me. There are honestly very few restaurants that I can eat where I am satisfied with my meal because everything is BLAND. It sucks, I’m not going to lie. That is why I do all my own cooking- I know how to satisfy my own taste buds. Hmm… maybe this is a lack of taste? Eh..

As far as my sense of touch goes, well, let me just say it is hard living in an “electronic age.” I no longer have a home phone, only my cell, and carrying that thing around and holding it to my head is, well, very uncomfortable. I can’t have electronics touching my body anymore at all. Just listening to my iPod is something I can only do for limited periods of time before my ears are buzzing. I do have to wonder what we are doing to ourselves with all these electrical energy constantly ensconcing us.

Sight- well, we went over that above. I can see things.

Hearing, I don’t even want to get into how well I can hear. I think this one developed during my last bout of paranormal outbursts. Now I can hear a pin drop about 100 yards away. This is the one that keeps me up at night. I can hear EVERYTHING that goes on in our neighborhood. I am constantly shaking my husband awake (he wears earplugs) and forcing him to listen to things that to me, are SUPER loud, but he can barely hear them. I also think he is going deaf due to too much heavy metal in the 90’s- but that’s just a theory.

In any case… this is a little about me. Not sure how many readers I have over here, but in case you didn’t know, apparently I am a mutant. : )

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2 Responses to Extrasensory.

  1. Nancy Atkinson says:

    Well, you came from a line of weirdos, including your grandmother that used to tell me she had eyes in the back of her head, and there were times I was convinced she was right. As for the heightened senses – I think you should find someone that knows about these things and talk to them. Maybe they can guide you in how to use them to your advantage and what to avoid. Eliminating the fear would go a long way, I think.

  2. Jen, this is fascinating. You’re no mutant, girl! I think you’re the living personification of what humans are capable of feeling, hearing, sensing etc. I think it’s also a matter of controlling these things when they cause you discomfort. You might benefit totally from a workshop in intuitive development – not that you need to develop any of this, but it sounds like it would be nice to be able to control these things so they happen only when YOU open the gate.

    Debra page is a lot more versed on this stuff than I am. Ok if I send her over here??

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