Plague Dream.

Last night I had a dream about a plague. I don’t know exactly WHERE I was, but it seemed to me that I was slightly in the future. It was daylight, and we were in a metallic structure with large arched windows that appeared to be looking out at lush, green, rolling hills. (I have had the most beautiful landscapes in my dreams lately).

As I looked around I could visually see spores of some kind overtaking people. They were suddenly filled and covered with tiny blue, transleucent, perfectly round spots. It did not take the disease long to take people down. It only took a few minutes at the most before they were completely dead. I watched on as adults, children, babies, everyone around me slowly fell to the ground. The adults were freaking out way more than the children.

I knew that I was infected too, but I did not fall. I bent to pick up a baby that was laying on the ground and suddenly felt that I had to get out of there. I knew there probably wasn’t any hope for me, but I didn’t want to die in this space with all of these panicking people.

I picked up the baby and ran down a dark flight of stairs and ended in some kind of dark, dungeon-y area. Hell?

I can’t really remember what happened after that- but I awoke with this strange sense that something was coming- something is coming sooner than we thought it was.
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5 Responses to Plague Dream.

  1. Nancy Atkinson says:

    You should be writing this in your book. Maybe that is what your dreams are all about.

  2. Maybe this is the inciting event that begins your novel, Jen.

    Now here’s a weird dream snippet I had….I saw a barge moving slowly down a river, and knew it was loaded with radioactive material. No one on this barge. It was jsut drifting.

    • jenastyle says:

      Good thinking about the inciting event for the novel- I was starting to think the exact same thing!

      Your dream is rather creepy- maybe something to do with our lack of control over the “poisoning” of the world- pollution, oil spills… they just keep drifting ever-wider… ? Just a thought.

  3. Debra Page says:

    I had a dream last night with some of the same themes. I posted it on dreamweavers. Your mom pointed out this post to me.

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