Horoscope, you got me again.

Today, for Aquarius:
In his opening comments on an episode of his TV show, Stephen Colbert announced, “I have butterflies in my stomach. I just ate a cocoon quesadilla.” If I’m reading the omens correctly, you, too, will soon have fluttering sensations in your gut, but not because of your food choices. Rather, you’re likely to be quivery and atwitter due to encounters with the Great Unknown — arrivals from beyond the Wild Blue Yonder that will blow your mind and recalibrate your philosophy of life. Don’t worry. Your appointments with the numinous are likely to be stirring, even awe-inspiring, but not frightening. P.S. You should celebrate the fact that you feel free enough to go exploring so far and wide.

A large majority of the time I completely ignore my horoscope. I have other things I am thinking about and so much of the time they (horoscopes) are so generalized that they hardly apply to myself and my life. However, when I DO check my horoscope, I always check FreeWillAstrology.com because they are always dead on the money. Shockingly so.  I never cease to be surprised by how right-on my horoscopes are these days when I am hardly ever surprised by anything (besides my son’s uncanny ability to never tire of body-slamming me). I feel like the astrologer knows me personally, knows what I have been reading and thinking about and… well, they’ve done it again.

Not only does this week’s horoscope hit the nail on the head, but it even uses terminology that I have been using lately. I have said the phrase “blows my mind” about a dozen times in the last week, in particular regarding certain philosophies I have been studying profusely regarding the nature of reality and life as I know it.

It also mentions that my “appointments with the numinous are likely to be stirring, even awe-inspiring, but not frightening,” which, is relieving, if I choose to believe my horoscope. As you may have read in my previous post “Extrasensory” I have a certain extra sense that I try to squelch because although it opens doors to things that could possibly give me a huge shove in developing myself as an individual, however the things that come through the door often times scare the crap out of me because I don’t know how to classify them? Good? Evil? Nuisance? Guide? WHAT?

So, perhaps this could mean that whatever comes through next will not be classified in the negative sense. Maybe.
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