Werewolves and Alien Cruise Ships

Last night my dreams were all about the full moon, complete with werewolves and evil sorcerers. Perhaps this is because I was talking with a friend about the possible effects of the full moon on the dreamscape- or perhaps the full moon does really have something to do with it.

Before I went to bed last night I took my dog out and sat at the picnic table in our front yard, staring up at the sky. It was cloudy, but the clouds were moving, so the moon was generally in view and it was a HUGE Harvest Moon. It hung in the sky, tinting the clouds orange as they floated by. It was lovely, to say the least.

I went to sleep thinking about it somewhat- and my dreams were spectacular and insane.

The main dream that I remember the best was, once again, in a landscape that was incredibly beautiful, but also terrifying. We (myself and those on my “team”) seemed to be at the ocean, or maybe a large lake, again- it was completely surrounded by steep mountains with snow-topped craggy peaks. The sorcerer put me into an underwater cave on the edge of the lake. I was completely surrounded by rock, but could see out of the water when I looked strait up. He had me in some kind of bubble, so I was able to breathe- but I knew I had to escape.

With the help of a werewolf/shapeshifter (Thank you Esperanza) I was able to escape the bubble, thrusting me into the icy water, allowing me to scramble up some jagged rocks and make a run for it through an immense marshland. This boggy area filled with thigh-deep black mud, and enormous towering trees and snaking vines. At one point I got stuck in the mud again and was captured, but I could see other people on my “team” who were getting away.
I think I managed to escape again… but then I think something must have woken me up- perhaps the adrenaline- because my body was pumping with it when I opened my eyes, surprised to find myself in my tranquil bedroom.

My next dream was about being on a cruise ship. My room on this ship was odd, because it was enormous. It had huge arched ceilings on one end, but was shaped sort of like a tear drop, the wide area being the wall that the bed was against and the entrance to the bathroom was down at the small end of the drop. A couple of my youngest cousins were there with me, and there seemed to be some sort of disturbance that had sequestered all of us into our rooms.

Out of the blue, an enormous alien, that looked to be at least part squid, materialized in the middle of our cabin. My cousins seemed to not respond, but I was personally rather repulsed and moved away from it. A couple of moments later it shifted into the form of my real, waking-life neighbor, and some other guy I didn’t recognize. (My neighbor is kind-of a weirdo, I try to avoid him).

I asked my neighbor how he was able to change shape that way and he showed me a crescent-shaped remote control. On the remote were two dials. He moved turned the dial on the left, indicating that it helped him and his “partner” shift back and forth between two different shapes, in our perception of them- explaining that they didn’t actually change shape at all, it was just a matter of adjusting our brain waves or something.

From there I decided to leave the room and go find the rest of my family- but I think I woke up after that.

I had several more intense dreams that were forgotten upon waking- but adrenaline seemed to be the common thread last night!
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4 Responses to Werewolves and Alien Cruise Ships

  1. Nancy Atkinson says:

    The water ones sounds like Lake Tahoe – icy water, snow-topped peaks, clear. The second one might be a warning that your neighbor is not what he appears to be? Gob, do I need to worry about this guy??

    • jenastyle says:

      It didn’t look like Tahoe- it looked more like Twin Lakes. Oh and please do not waste your time worrying about my weird neighbors. He just thinks he’s been abducted= which might be why I associated him with aliens, but he also thinks he is going to “rule the world for a short period of time.” So, yeah, personally I think he’s a little sub-par in the reality department, but whatever.

  2. Nancy Atkinson says:

    Well, didn’t you see something at Twin Lakes out on the deck where all the kids slept? My memory is shaky, but I do remember something to that effect.

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