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The view from my eyes: an illustration.

I have tried to explain to people what I see when I say that I can see energy. The truth is, it is practically indescribable. Energy looks different depending on what form it is in and where it is coming … Continue reading

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Where I go at night…

I recently posted on another blog about a dream I had where ice caps were melting, revealing all kinds of crazy things that had been buried for thousands of years. Among the items that were uncovered were healing crystals as … Continue reading

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Oh the dreams…. First owls, now aliens.

Last night I had some very potent dreams. Very beautiful and confusing imagery. For most of the night it was the same wild kinds of landscapes. Large forested rivers with huge, crashing waves of water, sunny beaches with sparkling blue … Continue reading

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Owl Dreams

Last night I dreamt of owls. I have never dreamt of owls before. I was very startled to see them in my dream. They appeared more than once, in different places. I am very well aware of the connotation that has … Continue reading

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UFO Sighting in the general vicinity of my home.

On Sunday night when I was driving home from a friend’s house I witnessed three UFO’s. It was dusk, and as I was driving south, into my neighborhood I noticed three brilliantly bright lights in the sky. They looked like … Continue reading

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Visions…. real or imaginary?

I have recently become aware of the fact that I have “visions.” These visions typically occur after I clear my mind for meditation and/or sleep. I know it sounds like a strange thing to suddenly become aware of- but there … Continue reading

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The Perception and Denial of Betrayal

Last night I had another very layered dream- it was quite long and had all kinds of different people in it, but thankfully the landscape and those involved were much less intimidating than my dreams had been the last few … Continue reading

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