Classrooms and UFO Experiments.

Last night was another restless night. I actually fell asleep earlier than I had meant to while putting my son to sleep. I awoke a little before 2AM having just had a dream that I was in a large, brightly lit classroom. It looked like the tables/desks were slightly old-fashioned, but considering school budgets it could be present-day. There were several rows of students all facing the front of the classroom and listening to a lecture on what I understood to be metaphysics. I understood these “students” to all be about the same age as myself, but I could not tell how old I was in the dream- could have been 8- could have been 28! The lecturer was trying to drive home a point about something having to do with a rule relating to something with an R- in the dream I was really taking it in because I knew it was important, but when I woke up afterward I couldn’t remember what it was.

My other dream was much more layered and, well, insane. In the dream it was nighttime, I arrived with a friend (someone I didn’t recognize physically, but who seemed familiar), and someone I understood to be my husband, although he didn’t look like my husband so I was confused. We walked up to what looked like a large garage that was lit up inside. There were several people standing around outside looking up at the sky like they were expecting to see something. I assumed they were waiting for some kind of UFO since one large, rather intimidating woman had a video camera. I accidentally walked in front of her camera and she smacked me in the back of the head. I surprised myself by turning around and hissing, “Bitch!” at her as I walked past. The woman then asked a younger girl next to her (in Spanish) what I had said and the girl told her, in Spanish. I knew I was not going to see the end of them!

It seems that then we were led back to a sort of sleeping area, which was odd because they were actually shallow, body sized holes dug into the ground, but they had bed linens, so I climbed in and laid down. My “friend” then handed me a small piece of technology that was smaller than an iPod Nano, but was some kind of audio/visual device. He told me that he thought what was recorded on there would help to explain what was happening.

Unfortunately, I could not get the device to work correctly, the images were blurred and the audio was all scrambled. That was when I was pulled out of my sleeping hole by the large, intimidating Spanish woman and two other women. She asked me, in Spanish, why I had called her a bitch- and I responded in Spanish, that I had called her a bitch because she had smacked me in the back of the head.

She seemed satisfied by that answer, and then her and the other two girls drug me into a nearby bathroom. It looked like the appropriate kind of bathroom one would find in a garage-like setting. Complete with buckets and dirty fixtures. They then opened what looked like a candy container and revealed that it was actually cocaine. I tried to tell them “No thank you,” but they were not having any of it. I was already rather intimidated so I decided I would just do a little (!!!!). I handed the container back to the large lady and she passed it around the group a couple of times. I thanked them (!?!) and then got the hell out of there.

When I emerged from the bathroom there was some chaos going on in the garage areas. There were beings that looked like they were straight out of “Where the Wild Things Are,” they were both large, giant-sized and small/dwarf-sized. I walked up towards the front of the garage and saw a giant, brightly lit UFO  fly by at a very high rate of speed. I hit the ground in terror, and then looked around to see everyone staring at me. It seems that the UFO(s) were being flown by people from the ground, that is why everyone had gathered and we were watching/filming the event.

I decided I wanted nothing to do with this and went back to the sleeping hole area. Suddenly it is apparent that people are after me. I can’t decide if it was because of the cocaine incident, or if it had something to do with that piece of technology I was trying to get to work. My friend and I run out of the garage and suddenly we are surrounded by intimidating men with baseball hats on- and guns in their hands. We are standing next to my friend’s truck that looks like an old, 2-wheel drive Nissan (?) pickup with a canopy on the back (Like the one below only I think it was white/blue/grey and the top part of the canopy was slightly higher than the cab of the pickup). We try to get into the truck and suddenly shots are fired. I get the feeling that both my friend and I are hit, but we are still trying to speed away.

Suddenly I am not in my body but I am far above the truck, looking down and watching it swerve through the parking lot…. then I woke up.

Also: Just for the record…

I have no idea why there have been UFO’s in my dreams the last couple of nights. Honestly I haven’t been watching or reading anything that would usually cause this kind of influence. I have never dreamed of UFO’s in this way before…ever.

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2 Responses to Classrooms and UFO Experiments.

  1. nancy says:

    That truck looks familiar. I think I had one that looked like that.

  2. Hmm. A classroom. UFOs and aliens. OBEs. You are one busy bee, Jen. Doesn’t all this dreaming stuff disrupt your sleep? I would barely be able to drag my butt through the day! Any ideas about what it means, for you personally??

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