UFO Sighting in the general vicinity of my home.

On Sunday night when I was driving home from a friend’s house I witnessed three UFO’s. It was dusk, and as I was driving south, into my neighborhood I noticed three brilliantly bright lights in the sky. They looked like extremely bright stars, only about 10X as big as the brightest star in the sky. Anyway, it was not yet dark enough for any stars to be out.

My first thought was that they were three airplanes coming in to land, all from the same general direction. They were SO bright though, and there were no blinking lights, only one huge bright light per object. I then realized that they were not moving. I watched them for at least a couple of minutes while stopped at a traffic light, and measured their general distance in relation to a telephone pole. Had they been moving at airplane speed, they would have easily been on the other side of the telephone pole before the light turned green. They were still in the exact same location two minutes later.

I continued to drive towards our apartment and noticed that there was someone tailgating me, no doubt because I was driving so slowly while trying to watch the lights in the sky. As I got closer to my house, I also got closer to the UFO’s. I almost thought for a minute that they were really extremely bright street lights, and that I had been tricked by an optical illusion of sorts.

I changed my direction and began driving east- watching the lights in my rear-view mirror. Once I had made it around a large warehouse, I was able to see that the lights were definitely not attached to anything on the ground. I could also now see, from this angle, that they made up a triangle formation. An extremely HUGE triangle formation. My guess is that each light was at least a mile from each other.

I wanted to stay and watch them to see if anything happened, but I had my dog and my sleeping son with me, so I decided to head home. Once I turned onto our street I was no longer able to see the lights in the sky because there were buildings in the way.

I have not heard any other reports of others seeing these lights, and sort-of forgot about them myself until I was listening to a podcast earlier that brought UFO’s up and I thought to check the MUFON website. There was a report there for my city for MONDAY, the day after my sighting. This person had viewed what appeared to be the same lights, only farther north near the airport (my sighting was nowhere near the airport) and at night, in the dark.

From the rest of what I remember from that night I didn’t even think about the UFO’s, although I was extremely anxious with my husband working and had a very restless night. I have had a lot of those lately, but I will discuss those in a later post.

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3 Responses to UFO Sighting in the general vicinity of my home.

  1. Verification! Great. Love it.

    • jenastyle says:

      I talked to my husband about what I saw this morning after reading your post, and he said he also saw it, but also thought they were a line of airplanes coming in to land, so he ignored it. My eyes will definitely be on the sky! (Although we have a week of rain scheduled so not much visibility).

  2. Nancy Atkinson says:

    More and more of these lights are being seen all over the country.

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