Owl Dreams

Last night I dreamt of owls. I have never dreamt of owls before. I was very startled to see them in my dream. They appeared more than once, in different places. I am very well aware of the connotation that has been attached to owls in the media and UFO community, particularly since the movie “The Fourth Kind” came out. I never saw that movie, the previews alone shook me to my core and scared the shit out of me, so I will be skipping that particular film forever more.

I think there were a couple of layers to these owls appearing in my dreams as they did. The first one being that owls are showing up EVERYWHERE in pop culture. My favorite store has three pages of owl-related products on their website.

Last night when I was waiting for my husband to get home from work, I switched on the  TV to some random mainstream sitcom I had never seen before, and right there in the middle of their kitchen table was a giant, ceramic owl.

I have never had owls in my house before, but my next door neighbor is obsessed with owls and put a giant plastic owl outside our front door shortly after we moved in. A few days later I found a small, gold owl on one of our shelves and assumed it was the neighbor’s. I tried to give it back and she said that it wasn’t her owl, it was mine. I was confused, but now the little owl sits on a shelf in my living room.

A few days ago we had a huge garage sale and as I was putting things out onto a table I found a very cute little ceramic owl and decided to keep it. I have no idea why I did that. I don’t even LIKE OWLS. Until now, apparently.

It just seems that lately owls are bombarding our culture and I am wondering what the message is.

A couple of different owl dream interpretations:

Intuition and intuitive wisdom, due to its ability to see in the dark, and turn its gaze in any direction. Sometimes represents a fear of the dark, or inner contents of yourself, or of death or the unconscious, the latter being synonymous. Because of its ease with the darkness of the unconscious, the owl in your dreams can sometimes act as a guide or advisor.

To see an owl in your dream, symbolizes wisdom, insight, magic, expanded awareness and virtue. You are highly connected to your intuitive senses and psychic power. The owl is also synonymous with death, darkness and the unconscious. The appearance of an owl may be telling you to let go of the past or certain negative behaviors.

Both of these interpretations resonated with me. I do know that I happen to be rather intuitive, but I don’t quite want to go any further than that at this point in time. I have been experimenting with some things lately- mainly the letting go of negative behaviors and trying to live a clean, happy, healthy life. This comes with a lot of internal spiritual work and I think maybe the owls could signify this.

Every day I have been drawing a card from the Voyager Tarot deck that my mom sent me.
Today’s card (the morning after the owl dream), I drew, asking the question “Who am I?”

The card I drew was the Priestess. Here is a short summary of that card’s meaning:

The Priestess symbolizes the law of inherent wisdom. As the Priestess, intuit the truth, which comes from within the depths of the universal collective unconscious and from your own personal genetic inheritance.

Like the Priestess, probe what lies below the surface of reality. Your dreams and meditations bring to surface the hidden, the subconscious, the past, and the future.

The meaning of the card is startlingly on point to what I have been working on lately. It seems that the owls are reinforcing this intuitive work. Perhaps I am moving in the right direction?
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2 Responses to Owl Dreams

  1. They’re also messengers between the living and the dead. The wisdom and intuitive part sure seems to fit you!

  2. nancy says:

    Yes, I believe you are.

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