Oh the dreams…. First owls, now aliens.

Last night I had some very potent dreams. Very beautiful and confusing imagery. For most of the night it was the same wild kinds of landscapes. Large forested rivers with huge, crashing waves of water, sunny beaches with sparkling blue water and colorful boats. Large grassy rural fields with…. thousands of helicopters flying overhead SO HIGH  that you could barely see them… Standing and looking out a window (of what I assumed was a house) at a white house next door only to suddenly have the house I am in rise up into the sky so that I am looking down at perplexed individuals on the ground… (?)

All of those were obviously dreams. I awoke several times between the dreams to that ever-so-familiar buzzing and vibrating feeling.

Then I woke up to see a small, gray alien standing next to my bed. I would not say it was the typical gray alien that “experiencers” have described. This one looked a lot like the classic ET character from the movie, only smaller, and definitely gray. It’s eyes were not black, but had a white, and iris and a pupil, but were probably twice the size of a normal human eye.

It was just standing there. I was not afraid like I thought I would be if I ever awoke to find one there. Nor was I frozen as I have been when I have experienced some of my other visual paranormal “intrusions” when I awake suddenly with sleep paralysis.

Upon seeing this little alien I suddenly sat up in bed and grabbed it, pulling it up onto the bed and I attacked it. I was angry to find it there and I started trying to strangle it, strangely thinking to myself if you could even strangle an alien and whether it would do any good.

Suddenly things got very fuzzy and I blacked out, waking up in my bed again- no alien. I assumed I had just dreamt it, obviously, but I made a mental note of the fact that I was not nearly as disturbed by this dream as I had been by others. Also- this one did not accompany the same buzzing feeling many of my dreams have.

I felt overwhelmingly tired and was about to pass back out when my son yelled to me from his room. Seeing as how I had just had a dream-state altercation with an alien, I jumped up from my bed and ran to him. He was upside down on his bed, and informed me that he had peed and needed a diaper. (eyeroll).

I know it must have been a dream, but I have never before had a dream of an alien- even when I was completely freaked out thinking that I could have been a contactee of sorts (this was a stage I went through that I have decided to put behind me).

There is a draft of a post I started a few days ago about the high strangeness-sorts of things that are going on these days. There seems to be a serious bombardment of these kinds of things in the media and blogworld. I definitely think that this all adds fuel to the fire- the more people talk about it the more these things tend to manifest.

One thing that I am perplexed about is that all these strange things are happening and experiencers are reacting completely calmly and normally. My mom brought this up the other day when I told her about my UFO sighting. She thought it was extremely odd that I had seen them and instead of freaking out or at least getting excited about it I was just like, “Oh yep. There’s some UFO’s. No biggie, all kinds of people have been seeing them, I guess it was only a matter of time before I did too.”

Very strange. Especially because I have not seen a UFO, or anything of this sort in at least a decade and a half. I keep my eyes on the sky, out of suspicion, but I never really see anything.

Then there is this alien dream. If I had dreamed about an alien a year ago I would have freaked the fuck out. I would not have slept for days for fear that they would come back. Now one appears next to my bed and instead of freezing in fear I decide to strangle it, and then I wake up and change a diaper, completely undisturbed.

My emotional responses to things kinds of things have changed drastically. I am wondering if others, like myself, are becoming desensitized to these phenomena, and whether there is a driving force, or purpose behind it.

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3 Responses to Oh the dreams…. First owls, now aliens.

  1. Wow. Damn strange, Jen, all of it. Oddly- sychronistically – I was just editing a story from cj about her abduction experience in 1981, then saw your new post on the dahsboard!

  2. nancy says:

    Actually, I think you are discovering your power. You attacked the little green man – Yay! Your fear is going away and you are taking back your power. Whatever this was, I think you have turned a corner where fear is concerned.

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