Where I go at night…

I recently posted on another blog about a dream I had where ice caps were melting, revealing all kinds of crazy things that had been buried for thousands of years. Among the items that were uncovered were healing crystals as well as structures and buildings.

I came across a couple articles today- completely randomly- on the Daily Grail. I rarely check in at the Daily Grail, so it was definitely sychronistic that I landed there today when there were TWO articles that so vividly reminded me of recent dreams I have had.

The first article is about glaciers that are melting in Norway, revealing ancient hunting artifacts. The ice is literally melting so fast that archaeologists are unable to collect and preserve the items before they disintegrate.

The second article is about over 3 MILLION artifacts dating back over 40,000 years that were discovered in Tasmania. Apparently the local government there wants to build a road and a bridge over the flood plane where the artifacts were discovered. Go figure. Upon doing a quick internet search on Tasmania, I quickly realized that the landscape of that island is shockingly similar to the landscapes I visit in my dreams.

If you ever wonder where I go at night, apparently I go to Tasmania. Could be worse. This first picture is so shockingly accurate to what I saw in my Arctic Dream it is seriously not even funny.

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