The view from my eyes: an illustration.

I have tried to explain to people what I see when I say that I can see energy. The truth is, it is practically indescribable. Energy looks different depending on what form it is in and where it is coming from, obviously. The kind of energy that I am about to illustrate is what I see when I look up at the sky. It is possible that what I am seeing is not energy at all, but I honestly have no idea what else it would be.

Here is a picture of the sky. At first glance- this is what I see when I look at the sky:

Pretty normal, right?

Well, when I really look at the sky- what I am actually seeing looks a lot more like this:

(Please excuse my rudimentary Photoshop skills- this took me FOREVER).

What I can see is practically an infinite number of small, round particles moving in an infinite number of directions, all at the same time. They all seem to have a purpose, and they typically seem to move in small arcs, as opposed to straight lines, from what I have observed.

Another thing is that my illustration is not completely accurate as what I actually see is completely translucent particles. I can really only see the outline of the particles- so the color of sky is completely visible in the background, as opposed to me actually seeing lighter colored particles moving all around- if that makes sense.

I wonder if anyone else can see this kind of thing. My guess is that of course people can- but maybe they don’t look closely enough? I don’t see them when I am looking across the room- but I see them when looking up at the sky- on a sunny day, on a cloudy day, on a rainy day I probably could if I was looking out a window- raindrops can confuse your eyesight when looking at things like this.

In any case. I am not completely out of my mind- I just see tiny arching particles moving in the sky. 🙂


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9 Responses to The view from my eyes: an illustration.

  1. nancy says:

    I googled seeing energy but couldn’t come up with much. Mostly it’s about seeing auras. This is really strange. Do you see it all of the time?

    • jenastyle says:

      Yep. All the time. I also googled it but couldn’t find anything so I tried my best to make my own illustration of it.

  2. Love this explanation and description. Photoshop and all, that image really explains.

  3. Conor Ghilarducci says:

    I discovered this too when I was 18. What you’re seeing is white blood cells gliding through retinal capillaries inside your eyeball. What a trip, huh? You’re the only other person I’ve ever heard of being able to see this, so I say we’re a small group of people with great attention to detail. I’m sure you can see energy and auras, too. (it only takes a little practice.)

    • jenastyle says:

      Wow! Thank you so much for your comment Connor. That truly IS a trip! I have wondered for a while if it was something “organic” going on, so to speak, but my doctor was clueless about it. It definitely does NOT look the same as seeing auras or other kinds of energy fields, and I only see it when I look at the sky- maybe it is a certain type of light. I would be curious to know if you can see it normally- or only in certain lighting?

  4. Conor Ghilarducci says:

    After 10 years, I finally found out what it’s called: Scheerer’s Phenomenon, and yes it is easier to notice with better lighting but I can still see it in poor lighting.

  5. I was floating in the pool this past weekend on my back and I noticed all these tiny light particles in the sky. It was not dust, these particles seemed to have some sort of electrical charge, they move a short distance 4-10 inches then disappear. There are thousands of them where ever I looked in the sky. I have never seen then, at first I thought I was seeing things, but after I dunked my head underwater and tried again they were still there. My vision is good, I do not have any health problems and that day I was very relaxed!

    I would like to try to capture this on film somehow, not sure if it is possible. I don’t know if I was seeing something that a camera can pick up. What a mysterious world we live in!

  6. Fullmer says:

    I have seen transparent motion around me for decades. I have explained it to several people and just got written off as a weirdo. I can see protein or particles in the fluid around my eyes,
    this “energy” is different. I see at least 4 kinds though. The first sounds like everyone else’s. Random light particles meandering through your vision. the second is like globules that are flowing away from me into infinity but it is in two sets an above and a below.
    the thirds is tiny if I stare at a surface close to me especially close to my eyes. It will look like the light particles are trying to separate from each other. I will see colors and they will roil and move like they are trying to fly apart. LIke reality is a coat of paint and the universe is trying to pierce through the barrier.

    I sorta see auras too. I see light emaninating our from a person, but I dont get much color that I see there that might just be retinal fatigue.

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