Otherworldly Disorder

Yesterday when I woke up, I picked up my journal to write down my dream and “otherworldly disorder” was the first thing I wrote. I didn’t even notice that I had written it until I was nearly done recounting my dream, and when I flipped back to the first page I saw it there. At first I didn’t know what I meant by that, but then quickly remembered.

By “Otherworldly Disorder,” I am attempting to describe the feelings that I have in my dreams. I am sure this is probably the feeling that most people have in their dreams. My dreams generally take place on earth, on our world, but everything is disorder. Things don’t operate the way they do in this physical world that we live in during waking hours.  The rules change- sometimes there are no rules at all. It is always interesting to try to gauge what the rules are in any given dream situation. Not sure if that explains it, but onto my dream.

** Quick note: more and more of my dreams lately have been taking place in my childhood home. Obviously it is altered in the dream state, but it is the house and neighborhood that I grew up in, nonetheless. I feel like this is an important clue to something- but not sure what yet. **


I dreamt I was at some sort of gathering. In my mind I associated it with a wedding, but I could be wrong because there did not seem to be any actual ceremony going on. The house the event was located in was very lavish- the sort where no expense was spared. Everything top-of-the-line.

I have the distinct impression that I was being ordered about by the lady of the house. In fact, now that I think about it, I remember her telling me that I needed to go through the rooms where the guests would be gathering and re-arrange all of the bookshelves. She wanted me to showcase all of her rarest and most expensive pieces on the higher shelves (in people’s eyeline), while minimizing those items of lesser value. I remember mumbling to myself about “someone’s” skewed perception of value…

I don’t think I got around to the chore that I was given- instead I went outside and realized that I was at some sort of ranch. There weren’t any animals present- but I thought “ranch” because we appeared to be in the middle of the dusty desert and there were large “ranch-like” trucks parked everywhere, and “ranch-like” fencing around the parameter.

Things get fuzzy here, but I remember that I ran into some guys I supposedly knew. One of which I was immediately attracted to. He was friendly-looking, late 30’s to mid-40’s (I am terrible at guessing ages- I thought my husband was 28 when I met him and he was 35!). Apparently this man and I knew each other well. He told me to go and wait for him in his truck and he would take me home.

I went to his truck and climbed in to wait for him. At this point I blacked out and woke up, apparently the next morning, still in his truck, but slumped over the center console. I was quite amazed that I had slept there all night as it gets quite cold in the desert.

Again things get fuzzy, but I believe the man then comes and tells me he can take me home in his car. He takes me back to my (actual) childhood home. It seems he lives next door to me- where in real life an odd, reclusive man used to live when I was a child. I was glad that this good-looking, nice man had moved in instead. I wanted to spend more time with this man, mainly because I didn’t want to stay in my house alone- but he said he had to get ready for work.

I thought it odd because at this point in the dream it was twilight and I wondered what kind of work he did.

Then I seemed to black out again and AGAIN awoke the next morning to the realization that both myself and my the neighbor-man had unintentionally left our dogs out all night (I was concerned because it was frosty outside but my dog- who was not my real-life dog, seemed fine).

Again, I wanted to find my neighbor. Maybe he was back from work? Or perhaps he had not left yet? As I came around the back corner of my house, I saw that someone had brought me my car (my real-life, current vehicle). However, my car had been parked in my across-the-street neighbor’s driveway by  mistake. I hoped that I had the keys and that the neighbors wouldn’t mind too terribly.

Then I woke up.

** This dream brought out a lot of fragmented memories from my consciousness. It’s filled with symbols and meanings that will take a while to look into and decipher.

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2 Responses to Otherworldly Disorder

  1. Your dreams are always so complex and layered! And your recall is astonishing.

  2. nancy says:

    I agree with Trish – your recall is really astonishing. My dreams are mostly run of the mill, doing stuff, talking to people, etc. Rarely are they really strange, and if they are, they are the lucid dreams – like the last one about the “person” showing me what it felt like to be reconnected to Source.

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