Last night I dreamt I was at yet another formal affair. This time it almost seemed like some kind of formal dance. Not a wedding like my other dreams.

In the dream I was sitting at a table for four. My husband was sitting across from me, and to his right, diagonally across from me was a girl I used to know. I knew her in high school and we were sorority sisters in college. We were never good friends or anything, but always friendly. I couldn’t say we knew much about each other.

The table was one in a long row that went down a slight slope. The tables were all placed in gravel that I knew to be made of granite.

At some point a waiter came by and placed a bowl on the table in front of me. In the bowl was a very coarse sand made of granite. I stuck my left hand into the granite and began to sift through it. I realized that I was wearing my engagement ring and that I may have scratched it (my ring is not made of diamond- so it is scratch-able).

As soon as I realized it, I pulled my hand out of the sand to find a chunk of my ring missing. I then realized that my ring had not been made the way I had always thought. Instead of one large stone, it was made of many small stones placed together in the setting to resemble a large stone.

As soon as I realized that a few small stones were missing I began sifting through the sand rather seriously trying to find the missing stones. I was worried that my husband would notice. Not that he would be upset, as we are both of the mindset that things like rings, even of the engagement kind, can be replaced if necessary. (I do not have this same philosophy about my wedding ring, which belongs to my grandmother, and IS made of diamonds, so granite-sand would made no mark).

Anyhow, I couldn’t find pieces of my ring- and I woke up.

I got up and went about my morning routine. I walked over to my computer and the screen that was up was my  Facebook account. The very first post at the top of the page was by the very girl that had been sitting at the table in my dream. The post was announcing her acceptance of “Facebook friendship” of a person from my past who I do not like at all.

This person was manipulative in the extreme and I have no tolerance for them. This person in question had requested my “friendship” only days before.

I have not even looked into the symbolism aspects, but this is what I remember off hand.

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5 Responses to Gravel

  1. d. Page says:


    This dream seems to be very alchemical. The stone(s) are related to transformation of the prima materia (dark matter) into the Gold or “Philosopher’s Stone”. The dark matter (lead) is often presented as what is repulsive to us, in this case the connection of the acquaintance to someone you do not like. You did not know, consciously, about the connection until the next day– this synchronicity is a further verification of the alchemical process. The dark matter is transmuted through several process until the Alchemical Wedding takes place, and this is the wedding ring and it’s stone(s). After the Wedding comes the desired Gold/ Philosopher’s Stone.

  2. Uh, this dream is really important. It struck me as something that rises from the deep unconscious, and warning, perhaps, and certainly a synchro, Jen. The images of granite, diamonds, missing pieces… Start looking at the symbholism.

  3. symbolism. Boo on the misspelling.

  4. nancy says:

    Interesting. The comments are fascinating.

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