Whales and Witches

Last night I dreamt I was part of a clan of people who had somehow obtained the ability to transform into large sea mammals such as dolphins, humpbacks, orcas and the like. The dream started at night time on a beach- I did not know how I got there, and didn’t really know what was going on, but felt uneasy as if I was trying to escape something. Everyone was scurrying about preparing for something, but I just sort of stood on the dock, not sure what to do.

I am not sure what happened next, but I found myself in a house in daylight (sunset?) with the group of people and we were getting ready to leave for somewhere. My son was there, and I tucked him into a bed with some toys and told him to be good- and HOPED that he would.

We all walked out onto a back porch and then one or two at a time we jumped into the water and transformed into our sea-mammal bodies. We then swam to another dock area where several sailboats were moored. We all gathered up on the dock and waited for everyone to arrive. To my surprise, my son appeared beside me on the dock. I was surprised to find him there because he is only three and cannot even swim yet, so I assume he must have also transformed into a sea mammal as well.  At some point I jumped back into the water just to feel myself transform and to do a few flips for fun- hey, it’s not every day you get to be a dolphin!

At some point we decided that it was time to begin our journey and it became apparent that we were not going to swim- we were going to FLY… on broomsticks (in our regular human bodies, obviously). I assumed this meant we were probably a group of witches of some sort. I jumped on my broomstick like I knew what I was doing- and suddenly I was flying high the air over a grassy mesa that sloped up into a forest and had more grassy plains around the base of it. This placed looked familiar to me- I have had a dream about it before, but it was from the ground- strangely I think there may have been witches in that dream too, but I can’t remember for sure.

As my companions landed in the grassy fields below, I swooped down to the top of the mesa to get a closer look, and I noticed that a woman with white, curly hair was lighting small camp-like fires along the mesa ledge. She noticed me and the others flying and began cursing us. I decided that she must not like witches much- and she managed to say some sort of spell that made our broomsticks not work.

I then found myself at some sort of gathering in the middle of the field that appeared to be some sort of initiation. I think it was for a sorority- which is rather out-of-place, but considering that is the only kind of initiation I have taken place in, maybe not. However, this was for Delta Delta Delta, and I was a Delta Gamma, so go figure.

In any case- I was trying to blend in as best I could with the initiates, as I did not want to be found out as a witch, when suddenly the woman with the white hair appeared and began spouting out Christian law and bible verses. They were trying to get me to join them. I walked over to a place at a table that was indicated to be mine, and on it there had been placed a bible with a particular verse marked with a bookmark. It was a verse on how witchcraft was basically the work of Satan. I put the bible down, unimpressed, and followed my friends out a door (somehow we had gotten inside?).

Outside the door everyone was trying their broomsticks, which apparently all worked again. I looked down at my supposed broomstick and realized that it was actually a bright red pole with decorative carvings at each end. Sort of like a fancy curtain rod. I remember rolling my eyes and thinking “Leave it to me to be fashionable about it. {snort].”

Then we flew to a stone archway and when we landed it seemed we were back in the middle of a cobblestone tunnel and cars were driving by. A couple of my companions ran and jumped into a waiting vehicle and I understood that I was to wait for someone to come and pick me up. I stood waiting and then woke up….

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1 Response to Whales and Witches

  1. nancy says:

    Maybe you are coming to terms with the fact our reality is based on our belief system, and that everyone has a different reality because of that.

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