Flying Orbs and Intuitive Processes.

Things have been interesting around these parts lately. Among other things- I have been having lots of dreams about flying. These dreams contrast greatly in content and landscape and I would assume that they were completely unrelated, except for the common flying theme.

In one dream I am clamoring across a rooftop after a half-deflated balloon (which was a clue into a neighbor girl’s sudden disappearance), only to be sucked up into the sky and blackness (by something/someone) when I reach my target. In another I am in a clearly alien landscape flying around as a small, bright orb on some kind of espionage mission.* Not to mention that broomstick flying dream I had recently…. not sure what it all means.

Last night I had a dream that I could recognize how spiritually evolved a person was just by looking at them. There was some kind of rating system that I used- I think it may have had something to do with the color of ones aura or something, but I am generally of the belief that I can tell intuitively where a person “stands” just by meeting them and speaking with them for a short time. Anyway, that sort of blends into the next thing I want to mention.

I have been working pretty diligently on my intuitive processes and how I go about using them while living my life. I am trying harder to listen to the innate knowledge of the universe, and less to my own reasoning. The experiences I have had so far have been… well, rather frustrating. I have found that pretty much 50% of my seemingly REQUIRED daily activities force me to go against the grain of my intuition.

My intuition pretty much tells me every day that I need to retreat to the wilderness and live a simple life away from all the technological blitz and buzzing electronic structures in the city. It’s telling me to go and be peaceful and work with my hands, and stop trying to cram myself and my family into these tiny shoebox spaces all the time. However, doing such a thing may as well be completely impossible at the present because it simply is not an option that I can work out with my reasoning mind. (I can’t ignore it completely!)

So each day, here I sit, vacillating wildly among feelings of elated joy and enlightenment that I feel when my intuition leads me down a synchronistic path, to feelings of depression, anxiety and horror when I read the news and realize that I am firmly planted in the midst of a completely insane society. This back and forth happens about 20,000 times a day. Approximately.

Anyway, I have been reading a lot about the shifting of the earth’s poles lately. This has led me to very much consider what would happen if the magnetic poles shifted and we were somehow left without electricity. I pondered this in the dentist chair yesterday, while driving in my car, while making toast, and while typing this on my computer right now. We have become so dependent on all of these devices- without them we would probably never see or talk to most of the people we have daily contact with EVER AGAIN. That concerns me more than almost anything else about losing… power? Wow, could that statement be construed in about a million different ways just about now.

I am not losing my positivity and center over this, but it is on my mind, is what I am trying to say. I am guessing I am not alone in these ponderings, am I right?

* I experienced a funny sychronicity involving the dream where I was able to transform into a flying orb for the purpose of what seemed to be some kind of espionage. I am not sure we were spying on humans or on alien creatures- it seemed to be a mixture, actually. Non-human humans or a slave race of humans living underground or something. I don’t know- it was a weird dream. Anyway- the very next day my mom sent me a link to this website, where I proceeded to watch this interview. In the interview the interviewee describes being transported to a civilization in the center of the earth (disclosure: I’m not saying that I totally believe every word)- and that one of the ways that the beings that live there are able to transport themselves around the planet is by transforming into orbs. I think at some point Mr. Melchizedek actually says something along the lines of “The orbs we see are PEOPLE.” Huh. Well, I guess I already knew that one! : )

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4 Responses to Flying Orbs and Intuitive Processes.

  1. What an intriguing dream life you have! I found the orb stuff fascinating.
    The pole shift thing would be about a lot more than losing power. At the end of Strieber’s book, The Secret School, there’s a compelling scene that seems to be from one of his past lives where he is some sort of “native” person who looks up at the sky just as the poles shift and everything goes dark. That scene has stuck with me for – what? Ten years? Fifteen?

    • jenastyle says:

      Yeah, it’s really weird. I keep finding interviews and writings about the poles shifting that is both negative (all hell breaks loose/apocolypse) and positive- it forces a shift in dimensions/human consciousness/etc. At this point I have NO idea what to think!!

  2. nancy says:

    I think the pole shift will be both – horror and change. The horror will bring the change – sometimes that’s what it takes for people to drop what they know, or think they know, and look for a better way. The orb thing is really weird – did you dream about the orbs before you watched that interview?

    • jenastyle says:

      Yeah, I dreamed about being a flying orb before I watched the interview. It was funny in the dream I was flying up above people’s heads and I knew they couldn’t see me as long as I was in “orb form.” Then I watched that interview and thought it was an interesting “coincidence.”

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