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Futuristic Nightmares

This last weekend I turned 28 years old. On my birthday and the following evening I had some of the most disturbing future-esque dreams that I can remember having ever. Both nights the dreams took place back in my childhood … Continue reading

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Heightened Awareness and a Holistic Mentality- How I am Bracing Myself.

With the incoming of the new year I definitely felt a surge of momentum. My dreams have been full of giant waves, rushing rivers, enormous, monstrous faucets pouring water into rivers- energy is moving. I consider to be a person … Continue reading

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Brace Yourselves

There is some really crazy energy swirling around in our world right now. The mass confusion, despair, and anger- compounded unceasingly by the media is creating an energy force that is nearly tangible. It’s like a dark cloud of smoke … Continue reading

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New Year, New Life.

Happy New Year. I know I have been quiet around these parts lately. To be honest, I simply have not been able to eloquently or even coherently articulate myself, my dreams, or even my reality lately. It seems like the … Continue reading

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