Brace Yourselves

There is some really crazy energy swirling around in our world right now. The mass confusion, despair, and anger- compounded unceasingly by the media is creating an energy force that is nearly tangible. It’s like a dark cloud of smoke so dense you could bite into it like cotton candy. Not that you would want to- it surely wouldn’t taste like candy.

When it comes to the events going on in the world currently, I find myself with a dilemma. I can either turn off the television, stay away from news sites and simply focus on the things I am doing in my own life to guarantee that I am giving myself and my family the best chance at making it through what is coming in one relative piece- OR I can watch and read the news, fill my mind with this dark cloud- and then what?

I feel like if I let too much of it in that it will paralyze me. How could it not? I think that fear and confusion and frustration is paralyzing a lot of people right now. They don’t know what to do, so they do nothing. That isn’t to say that I think we can ignore what is going on altogether. I feel that we need to accept what is happening- realize it, accept it, and also accept that the government and all of its officials is not going to save us from it. If anything, they will only make it worse. This is my honest opinion.

I am also not trying to say that we are all in dire straits- what I want to say is that I feel that now is the time, if there was ever a time, to make sure that you are as physically, emotionally, mentally and psychically healthy as possible. You will need strength for what is ahead. If you need to turn your back to the black cloud to find the truth within, the truth that humanity has goodness in them- that humans are not all greedy, power-hungry, earth killers- then do it. I really believe that now is the time to SAVE YOURSELF in whatever ways you can.

To be honest, I don’t really know what I am talking about. I know that intuitively I feel that something has been brewing for a long time. This isn’t something you need intuition to see, however. Yesterday’s terrorist attack in Arizona was just adding a pinch of salt to the pot. I can only say with sadness that I feel this is only the beginning.

Last night I dreamed I was back in my childhood home, as I often do. The state of the house was quite deteriorated. There was a lot of water damage, that I could see. I was in my old bedroom and the carpet was soaked- my feet squelched as I walked to the back window- that had (in my dream) been converted to a sliding glass door that opened onto a second story deck. My father was out on the deck- trying to tidy up what appeared, to me, to be a lost cause. As I tried to open the door it shattered, all the glass fell to the floor except for one shard that stuck in my first finger on my right hand. I thought it was just a tiny piece of glass, but as I pulled it out I realized that it had stuck almost all the way through my finger.

I started crying- even though I didn’t care about the door, and the finger didn’t really hurt. I just felt that I needed some assistance of some kind. I then found myself walking along a road next to a dock with a couple of friends and my son. We were going to an apartment building, and I felt we were in Hawaii, although it was colder that it ever gets there and the sky was dark with clouds. It seems like one of those alternate-reality dreams. One of my friends was on her cell phone and said that “they” (no idea who THEY are) had captured a grey alien, and that it was asking for me. I put the phone up to my ear and I had no idea what was being said- so the girls I was with decided to take me to the alien.

We entered some kind of dark, futuristic building. It appeared to all be made of metal, but I can’t be sure. There was an elevator- and we pushed the button to go up to the attic of the building where the alien was being held. My son and I entered the elevator, and he must have pushed a button because the doors closed before anyone else could enter. Suddenly we were shooting upward and I found myself EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE with the fact that my son and I were going to see this alien ALONE now without our entourage.

Suddenly I am on a coastal road- I still feel that I am in Hawaii, and I know intuitively that it is the big island. My mom is driving my son and I in a van- that apparently does not have roof- because the road is along a very steep cliff that drops into the ocean, and water keeps washing up and then pulling the back of the van off of the cliff- so I keep jumping out and trying to push the van back onto the road. My mom seems STRANGELY UNCONCERNED with this fact- which is so far from how she would actually be reacting to this situation it is not even funny.

The road we were on was at least 100 meters about the ocean, so the waves must have been huge- to be washing across the road, but they were not forceful- they simply glided across and back on the road- washing back down the cliff. After a couple of times where I very nearly slid right off the cliff trying to help the van to stay on, the back end of the van goes completely over the side and I jump out- and grab onto the side of the cliff, knowing that I would be going over either way.

Suddenly my mom is hanging on to my right- and I look over and my son is hanging on to my left. at least a hundred feet below me are jagged rocks, and then the ocean. I am trying to scramble back up when my son starts to let go. With my left hand I grab him and hold him to me. My mom is still encouraging me to try to climb back up- but the van is sliding towards us- it is going to knock us over the edge either way. Realizing I cannot possibly climb without the use of my left arm and being unable to let go of my son- I decide to let go of the cliff.

I am falling and can hear my mother screaming and I can see that I am not going to land in the water, but rather, on the rocks- and suddenly I realize this is a dream- but still my only hope is that I break my son’s fall when we land- and I see a man down on the rocks, staring up at us as we fall- I am going to barely miss him when we land…. and I wake up.

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2 Responses to Brace Yourselves

  1. nancy says:

    There’s that van, cliff and water again.

    This has tones of the subconscious trying to deal with all of the fear in the world. Your childhood home could represent safety, but because it is deteriorated you know there is no safety.

    You’re right to keep on going in the right direction for you and your family. I firmly believe in shutting off the television! Constant talking and noise is very unhealthy. Especially everything that is coming out right now. Background noise from the television has an affect on the psyche. Staying focused on the positive is so important, and you cannot do that if your conscious and subconscious is constantly being bombarded with stuff from the television.

    Read good books, take walks, play with your child, cook beautiful food. Surround yourself with love.

    • Debra Page says:

      How well I remember the gray alien dream encounters I’ve had. I am fortunate that they have tapered off, after a lucid state when I got angry at them– a real rage–and told them “Never again!”.

      I’m not sure what it means, but the part about the shard (point) of glass in your pointer finger definitely “points” to something. The man, you think you will barely miss is next to the point where you land. So there is a very strong or urgent point here. I wish I could sense more… will post back if I do.

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