Fetus dreams and Paranormal.

The last few weeks I have had intermittent dreams that I was pregnant and could feel the baby moving inside me. For anyone that has ever been pregnant, you know that sometimes you have “phantom fetal movements” even years after you give birth. In most cases, let’s be honest, it’s probably gas.

These “dreams” have been so vivid that I can almost swear that I am awake. These dreams have been happening once every few weeks or so, until this week. This week I have dreamed that I was pregnant three nights in a row- and they were not comforting dreams either.

The first dream, on Sunday night, I dreamed that I was laying in a white tiled room on a kind of step. It reminded me of what the inside of a steam room looks like with giant steps (seats) all around. I was laying on the slab and a doctor (nurse? technician?) was examining my abdomen with an ultrasound. As they touched my belly with the ultrasound device I looked onto a monitor to see a fully formed baby’s head with an open eye looking right at me. I was SHOCKED. This eye was huge, human and dark. I turned away from it in shock. It really gave me the creeps. Not a feeling one should feel when looking at their fetus.

I freaked out and told the technician that I did not know that I was pregnant. The person told me that I was due to give birth any day- and I was stunned. I remember saying “But I have been drinking [cocktails] this whole time! I hope it’s OK! (“It” meaning the baby).” The technician did not seem to care about this one way or the other and left the room.

I then woke up in my bed with my heart beating like crazy- I was relieved, to say the least.

Skip ahead to the next night, and I THINK that I am just laying in bed, but again I must be dreaming because I feel the baby moving again. I felt very much to me like a near-term baby was in there. My skin felt tight and when the baby stretched I felt that feeling that is not quite pain but is definitely not comfortable- around the time they take up ALL the room in your body and still seem to want more.

I laid there pondering this feeling when suddenly I was struck with what felt like an electrical jolt in the side of the neck. I have felt this before when dealing with poltergeist activity in our old (haunted) house. The jolt was accompanied with a flash of bright white light on the other side of my eyelids and then I found myself lucid, laying in my bed.

Then Tuesday night- all hell seemed to be breaking lose in our apartment. There was loud banging on the walls of our apartment (the interior walls, it could not have been our neighbors). There was a HUGE sound of the TV in our bedroom being hit by something large and hard- it was so loud that my cat (who was laying on my feet) jumped about 2 feet in the air. I have never seen my animals react to things before. My husband and son remained asleep.

Last night was also strange. For a while I have felt that there is a shadowy figure that will walk past my bedroom door at night. I get up and look around and there is never anything there. Last night I swear I saw it walk INTO my bedroom but when I turned to look, it was gone.

I don’t know what is going on, really. I don’t know how much any of these things are related, if at all. The energy in my home has just been strange- electric, almost. Let’s just say I am keeping my eyes and ears open, and not trying to read TOO much into any one thing or another.

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8 Responses to Fetus dreams and Paranormal.

  1. Nancy says:

    Have you had any bodily changes?

  2. wow. This is truly creepy, Jen! Especially the fetal stuff.

  3. jenastyle says:

    Nancy: I don’t think I have had any bodily changes- I was so sick with a cold for the last three weeks that I could hardly focus on anything else. I have had some strange “lady issues” but more in relation to ovulation than anything else…. I also gained about 5 pounds but I could blame that on, well, EATING, and taking a week and a half off from the gym due to illness.

    Trish: It is really creepy- but I have been strangely calm about the whole thing. Had something like this happened to me a couple of years ago I would be beside myself. I still feel like I am hypersensitive to what is going on around me, but I am not freaked out. I am grateful for that, at least.

  4. Debra Page says:


    After following your posted dreams for a year and a half, I still feel you are having kundalini awakening. Kundalini (shakti) is a very electrical force. It’s purpose is tranformation. The babies are new aspects of yourself. Sometimes they are born, and sometimes they don’t work out. In a sense you are birthing a new you.
    Poltergeist phenomena is not uncommon during all this. (If you’re anything like me, poltergeist phenomena will be with you on and off your whole life.)
    There is a good book written about the kundalini experience called “The Energies of Transformation” by Bonnie Greenwell.

  5. jenastyle says:

    As always Debra, I love how you put things into perspective. The birthing as being new aspects of myself definitely fits what has been going on in my life lately! So far the poltergeist activity hasn’t bothered me- it used to scare me but now I realize more what it is and I can roll with it.

    Thank you for the book idea! I am going to go check it out on Amazon now!

  6. Nancy says:

    Debra, I think you are right here. Jen has been going through her awakening for some time. But before that she thought she was crazy. I’ve always known she was sensitive to the unseen, but I’ve had to watch her struggle, just as all the rest of us have struggled. I can suggest things to her, but like all mother-daughter relationships, she doesn’t always listen to me, and I am not always right, nor subjective.

    I will tell the story of what happened when I was pregnant with her, but only on our private blog.

    Thank you so much for all of your insight. You are a blessing to us.

  7. natalie says:

    Found you. I agree with Debra, absolutely.

    But don’t be surprised………..

    May I ask why you moved from Blogger Jen?

    • jenastyle says:

      Hi Natalie! I also think Debra is on to something- she has the most beautiful way of making subconscious make sense.

      I moved from Blogger because I wanted to change the overall content/subject matter of my blog, and there were a lot of followers I didn’t want to bring with me. There were a lot of people following my blog that are not very open minded to this sort of thing, and I couldn’t start another (public) blog on Blogger without it being visible on my profile- so I created this one in hopes that eventually the like-minded people would find it. : )

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