Lucid Dreaming

Last night I had one of the longest and most vivid lucid dreaming experiences I have ever had… and it was a very strange dream- let me tell you! I have been reading a lot of fiction the last few days and have also been writing quite a bit of fiction, and I feel like some of these stories have managed to tangle themselves together in my dream, while injecting a bit of my personal life as well.

The dream began with me standing on a grassy knoll next do a small river. On the other side of the river was an adorable little community of white houses with tiled roofs and cute little gardens with pens of animals. It was very agrarian and seemed very sweet and peaceful. Not quite Hobbit-ish, but somewhat reminiscent of The Shire. I wanted to go across the river- and suddenly I found myself on the other side.  I then began to explore- and this is when the dream became Lucid. I started looking around, climbing up hills to get a better view. I was thinking “Yes! This is where I want to live! I have found it. This is perfect!” There was some kind of  celebration going on in the village and I went into town to see what was going on. I went underneath a kind of awning that was overlooking the river and my son and husband were there. I went over to them and started hugging my husband and went to kiss him, and he shied away from me. I was confused by this and I must have asked him what was going on because he answered me and said, ” We got divorced a long time ago Jen. Back on Earth when you were in your early 30’s.” (I just turned 28 in real life). He then cited the reason being the main point of contention in our marriage (on his end) as the reason why we had broken up. I thought this was strange for multiple reasons, but mostly he didn’t look much older, and our son was still very small- so I was confused about the timing.

Anyway, I was saddened by news of our divorce but was more concerned about what he meant about “BACK ON EARTH.” I was like “Waitaminute! What do you mean BACK ON EARTH??” and he sort-of rolled his eyes and said something along the lines of “We’ve been over this…” and my imagination is racing all over the place because I am like, well, if we aren’t on Earth we must be on some other water planet which is a hell of a ways away so maybe we really WERE all saved by ETs… but then I zeroed in on the “We’ve been over this” statement and became concerned that perhaps I had dementia in this story line.

My husband had walked off around the corner of a stone building attached to the awning and I followed after him, wanting to ask more questions- but he made it clear he did not have time to talk right now and handed me our son. I became concerned that perhaps he had a new  family somewhere- (how RUDE! I thought) but then again, maybe I had a new family too- WHO KNOWS– this dream is weird.

Then a small hovercraft that looked somewhat like an old fashioned one-seater airplane hovered over the villiage and a human in military-like garb landed it in the middle of the little celebration. People immediately scattered. It did not seem to be that they were scattering in panic, but more like, “Oh great… party’s over, let’s go home.” I decided I should find some kind of shelter since I didn’t know what these military guys were about and found my way to a stone library.

There was apparently a little secret door that you could go through, but it was very small- large enough for my son, but it would be conspicuous if I were to go through- and it seemed like I shouldn’t.  I think he must’ve gone through though because he was suddenly gone. I decided to go through the front doors of the library and found myself in a contemporary office setting. There were women sitting behind desks in their offices and I walked into one of the offices to explain that my son had gone down into the library (which I was assuming was in the basement, since the main floor was an office) and that I needed to go and find him. Then these women all took out their cell phones and started taking my picture- suspiciously- and I was pissed and told them to stop and then turned went out a side door to see if I could find my son that way.

I then found myself in a large discount- clothing store and as I was looking around my purse spilled out onto the ground.  I have a small zipper-pouch of crystals that I carry around in my purse everywhere I go that somehow came unzipped scattering quartz all over the place, as well as this round polished marble stone my son likes to carry around with him. I managed to pick up all the stones and put them back into  my bag. I then looked around the store a little bit before deciding there wasn’t anything I needed in there and walked out.

Then I found myself walking outside in the grass and came up to a house with people hanging out in the side yard. These appeared to be friends of mine, although I didn’t really recognize them. I then realized that all of the men had only shaved half of their faces, and the other halves were stubbly. I asked them why they did this and it appeared to be a joke. I think I woke up after this.

Completely unrelated…. (?):

I had sleep paralysis after the above dream and I woke up and was completely paralyzed and could barely breathe. I had the feeling that “something” was there in the room with us. I could feel my son thrashing around next to me, whining in his sleep and I KNEW something was in the room with us and that he sensed it too. I then felt like my entire body was electrocuted. I felt buzzing energy flying and and down my entire body and a lot of pressure in my abdominal area. I squeezed my eyes shut as another round of electrocution coursed through me. Twice total. I then started to panic a little  bit because I couldn’t breathe- and a moment later I was awake and conscious and fine. Sleep paralysis is really the worst. Gah!

** Oh! I also had another dream afterward that involved my son’s polished marble – it’s really a polished round rock that is the size and shape of a marble. Anyway- in the dream we were passing it around a circle of people and every time someone else held it it would transform into a completely different shape with different crystals and geodes and whatnot. Very cool. I wish it did that in real life! It would be quite the ROCK! : )

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3 Responses to Lucid Dreaming

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow, I’m tired! You are very busy. But it sounds like stuff you could incorporate into your writing. I like the little hobbit houses. Funny – I just read a blog post by Regina at CMN and she said she was life progressed with Barbara Marx Hubbard at some event and she saw little round houses that could be easily moved around…

  2. natalie says:

    Jen, I want to go back in there and find your little man! Next installment pleae?

  3. Trish says:

    wow, jen. You’re a true dreamer.

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