The New Moon and the Gateway to the Typically Invisible

It has long been believed that the full moon brings the wildness out of the cracks in reality. It is the time of the month when the energy is the strongest in the space between here and the ether, which is really not a space at all. It is a time when whatever it is on the other side of this thin veil we use to “separate” us becomes taut and cracked from the pressure behind it and whatever is on the other side is able to bleed through more than usual. There have been times when I felt like I could almost reach through and touch the other side, but was afraid to because I was worried that venturing too far into the veil was not a smart idea.

For reasons that I can only wildly  guess at, I feel like the tide has somewhat turned in the last year or two, and my most potent experiences often (but not always) happen during the new moon. I have had many extremely vivid astral and visionary experiences during the new moon that have been both releavatory and bewildering, but in either case, I have come to pay attention.

(this images reminds me of my dreams last night- dark and anxious)

With the coming new moon occurring on my 29th birthday, on the brink of Mars going retrograde and my own Saturn return looming in the foreground, I don’t know whether to feel apprehensive or ……… something else.

I feel like this upcoming date is really going to mean something to me personally. I feel like I have been given bits and pieces and then handfuls of symbolic information that I have been left to try to assemble into something that I can only hope is meant to point me down the road to truth. I very  much feel like I am on the brink of something… possibly something drastic.

I am not saying “drastic” in an ominous way at all, probably the opposite, to be honest. I just feel more than ever that I can feel the “spirit world,” or whatever you want to call it, pressing in on me ever closer. I have actually started to worry, as I sometimes do, that I am actually going insane. More than anything I think this is because I have been conditioned over my lifetime to believe that if you see and hear and experience things that other people cannot, then you are hallucinating.

Although I have not 100% ruled out the fact that there could be something wrong with me, I recently went to the doctor who put me through some tests and determined that there was nothing wrong with my brain. Their suggestion was that whatever I am experiencing is hormonal. I can’t deny it. There are a lot of significant things happening astrologically and with me personally all in the span of a couple of days which are fast approaching.

Will this weekend bring within me some kind of initiation into the spirit realm? Will my abilities increase or develop finally into something that makes sense? I only have the most primitive of guesses, but I do have a lot of visionary stuff that I need to do some research on over the next few days. Hopefully whatever I find will be something I can articulate.

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