My name is Jen and I am searching for truth and meaning in life. I want to get to the root of it all, and I use many methods, some of which will be documented on this website.


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  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Jen, my name is Nicole (Cole) and I just joined the private blog over on blogger. I was just checking it out and clicked on the followers to see who is who and well, it led me here. I have to say that your account of your dream about the baby is really interesting. I tend to agree with the idea that your dream is one of rebirth and transformation. To dig a little deeper. A baby: It may symbolize your inner nature, pure and uncorrupted, or it could be representing the vulnerable side of yourself, or that you need to tap into the more carefree side of yourself. The fact that the baby is a fetus and still developing strongly suggests you are too. I think it is always telling of how one feels upon waking from the dream. What are your emotions?

    Anyway you have an interesting blog here. I too have an open mind and have been on my own little quest for enlightenment over the past few years. I am very curious about your shadowy visitor. I had and do have off and on a very similar experience, my oldest daughter has seen it too from time to time. But she hasn’t talked about it in about 6 months, which is ok with me. And like you said, I use to be alarmed by it, especially knowing it was near my kids. But now I remain more curious and an observer to it. But the realist in me struggles with remaining grounded over it -questioning from time to time what it is that I am seeing. I don’t talk about it too much.

    Hope you don’t mind my comment. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences.


    • jenastyle says:

      Hi Cole, thanks so much for commenting- and welcome to the private blog!!

      In relation to my dream- I could completely agree that I may need to tap into the more carefree side of myself- something I have a hard time doing for some reason! Upon waking from that dream I felt disturbed by it, but relieved that it was a dream. I also do struggle quite a bit with the decision of whether or not to have another baby- and in the dream I felt like the decision and the control over the situation had been taken out of my hands, my baby was nearly due and I had had no idea! Anyway- it touched nerves for me both symbolically and literally.

      As for my shadowy visitor- I really have no idea what it is. I did have some very scary paranormal experiences in an old house we lived in when my son was first born. We never had any experiences before he was born- and then soon after he was born we had to open up a wall in his closet and although there didn’t appear to be anything in there- just MOLD- all hell sort of broke loose after that and pretty much drove me from the house. The visitor I have had lately doesn’t scare me in that way- it doesn’t feel malevolent- or it’s not trying as hard to get my attention as whatever it was in the old house did. I think it may just be spirits. Harmless.

      May I ask how old your daughter is? I know that first started “seeing things” and having “the dreams” when I was a teenager- although I know I had some experiences as a child as well that I can no longer remember- my brain is too full of other things now. : ) I’m curious to hear if your shadowy visitor tends to show themself at certain times? Or does it seem random? I am so bad at correlating experiences to the events in my life sometimes- I am really aloof in that way. Ha.

      Anyway, thank you again for your comment!! I look forward to getting to know you.


  2. Jen, hi, just discovered your blog and read a few entries. I was touched by your story about your bike accident, and your musings about the ‘Nothing’. I know (and love) the movie and the book both. But you also made me think about something Elie Wiesel wrote in one of his books: “Goodness is human, cruelty is human, but indifference is not. In indifference we loose our humanity.” You’re right, something is happening to us, and it is scary, and designed by uncanny powers we have no control over. We can only be vigilant and fight it in our personal lives.
    Best wishes, keep writing!
    Loes (Netherlands)

    • jenastyle says:

      Hi Loes,

      Thank you so much for reading and for your comment. The quote you mentioned by Elie Wiesel is incredibly fitting. I think we can have hope yet, as long as there are still those of us out there who realize that the indifference and… attempted assimilation of all of humanity’s beautiful contrast is more a symptom of something dangerous than it is “progress.”

      Thanks again!

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