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Dreams of deformed children.

Wow. I disturb myself with the title of my own post, but the truth is, I have been having a lot of “dreams” that have to do with children that are in some way deformed. I don’t know exactly what … Continue reading

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(just FYI, this post is actually a compilation of a couple of drafts that I have saved over the last couple of weeks, so bear with me, there is a point, I think…) I am not even sure how to … Continue reading

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The New Moon and the Gateway to the Typically Invisible

It has long been believed that the full moon brings the wildness out of the cracks in reality. It is the time of the month when the energy is the strongest in the space between here and the ether, which … Continue reading

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Hypnagogia and Vivid Realities/Dreams.

This morning I woke up, looked at the clock (5:32 AM) and got out of bed like usual, making my way through the dark house to the kitchen so I could put the teapot on. I don’t know exactly why … Continue reading

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El fin de la interrupciĆ³n.

I have taken about a six month hiatus from writing here. The main reason being that sometimes, particularly in the blogosphere, you can end up writing just to make yourself write. I think the content of this writing, for myself … Continue reading

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Lucid Out of Body Experience

Ok, I am going to do my best to recount this very profound and difficult to articulate experience to the best of my abilities. On the night of the full moon I had a completely lucid out-of-body experience. This was … Continue reading

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I cannot tell you how many times I have started to write a post about this “state of mind” only to abandon it because I feel like either A.) A lunatic (even though I know I am not one, I … Continue reading

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