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The New Moon and the Gateway to the Typically Invisible

It has long been believed that the full moon brings the wildness out of the cracks in reality. It is the time of the month when the energy is the strongest in the space between here and the ether, which … Continue reading

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I cannot tell you how many times I have started to write a post about this “state of mind” only to abandon it because I feel like either A.) A lunatic (even though I know I am not one, I … Continue reading

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Wow. I don’t think there are many in the world that are not completely riveted and distressed by the devastation that has taken place in Japan in the last couple of days. (Way to take our mind of Libya for … Continue reading

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Brace Yourselves

There is some really crazy energy swirling around in our world right now. The mass confusion, despair, and anger- compounded unceasingly by the media is creating an energy force that is nearly tangible. It’s like a dark cloud of smoke … Continue reading

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Flying Orbs and Intuitive Processes.

Things have been interesting around these parts lately. Among other things- I have been having lots of dreams about flying. These dreams contrast greatly in content and landscape and I would assume that they were completely unrelated, except for the … Continue reading

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Owl Dreams

Last night I dreamt of owls. I have never dreamt of owls before. I was very startled to see them in my dream. They appeared more than once, in different places. I am very well aware of the connotation that has … Continue reading

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It’s in the air.

Things are happening. I feel like the veil between our world and the other has just recently undergone some kind of shift. Perhaps not a huge shift, but a noticeable one, at that. I can sometimes see shapes moving around … Continue reading

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