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(just FYI, this post is actually a compilation of a couple of drafts that I have saved over the last couple of weeks, so bear with me, there is a point, I think…) I am not even sure how to … Continue reading

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The New Moon and the Gateway to the Typically Invisible

It has long been believed that the full moon brings the wildness out of the cracks in reality. It is the time of the month when the energy is the strongest in the space between here and the ether, which … Continue reading

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Hypnagogia and Vivid Realities/Dreams.

This morning I woke up, looked at the clock (5:32 AM) and got out of bed like usual, making my way through the dark house to the kitchen so I could put the teapot on. I don’t know exactly why … Continue reading

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I cannot tell you how many times I have started to write a post about this “state of mind” only to abandon it because I feel like either A.) A lunatic (even though I know I am not one, I … Continue reading

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The view from my eyes: an illustration.

I have tried to explain to people what I see when I say that I can see energy. The truth is, it is practically indescribable. Energy looks different depending on what form it is in and where it is coming … Continue reading

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Werewolves and Alien Cruise Ships

Last night my dreams were all about the full moon, complete with werewolves and evil sorcerers. Perhaps this is because I was talking with a friend about the possible effects of the full moon on the dreamscape- or perhaps the … Continue reading

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I often wonder when it was that we, as humans, or as a general society, decided that we only have five senses. I think at this point, most of us realize that there are more than five- and I wonder … Continue reading

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