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Wow. I don’t think there are many in the world that are not completely riveted and distressed by the devastation that has taken place in Japan in the last couple of days. (Way to take our mind of Libya for … Continue reading

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Futuristic Nightmares

This last weekend I turned 28 years old. On my birthday and the following evening I had some of the most disturbing future-esque dreams that I can remember having ever. Both nights the dreams took place back in my childhood … Continue reading

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Do the kids know something we don’t?

A (rather hilarious) conversation I just had with my nearly-three-year-old about why I am dehydrating food. Son: Why are you doing that to those potatoes? Me: So that we will have food in case of an emergency. Son: What emergency? … Continue reading

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Where I go at night…

I recently posted on another blog about a dream I had where ice caps were melting, revealing all kinds of crazy things that had been buried for thousands of years. Among the items that were uncovered were healing crystals as … Continue reading

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Horoscope, you got me again.

Today, for Aquarius: In his opening comments on an episode of his TV show, Stephen Colbert announced, “I have butterflies in my stomach. I just ate a cocoon quesadilla.” If I’m reading the omens correctly, you, too, will soon have … Continue reading

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Plague Dream.

Last night I had a dream about a plague. I don’t know exactly WHERE I was, but it seemed to me that I was slightly in the future. It was daylight, and we were in a metallic structure with large … Continue reading

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