Wow. I don’t think there are many in the world that are not completely riveted and distressed by the devastation that has taken place in Japan in the last couple of days. (Way to take our mind of Libya for a minute, eh?). It’s heart breaking, and it feels as if the world is catapulting into a strange new era, doesn’t it?

I dream of tsunamis and earthquakes quite often. I would be lying if I said that I feel as if I have predicted them, because I only just very recently began making any kind of correlation between what happens within the microcosm of my being in relation to the macrocosm that is the world at large.

I had a very vivid dream of a earthquake/tsunami a little less than a month ago. I did not initially post it here, but did post it elsewhere.

This was my dream as previously posted on 2.15.11:

I had (yet another) Tsunami dream last night. I have had many, but this is the first one that I was able to successfully escape from. I was on what I perceived to be an island. It was tropical, but cooler, and I was surrounded by people indigenous to the area. I got the feeling that I was there working on some kind of film- a documentary, maybe?

Anyway, we were all gathered in a small, shallow cove when we felt the earthquake hit. I knew immediately what would follow, and began urging people to higher ground. At first people just looked at me and stayed put. Then another shock hit and they started listening. I remember looking out to sea and seeing the first huge set of waves. I began gesturing wildly for people to run uphill, and people actually listened this time. I was astonished at how well they were following my directions, in fact.

Everyone began rushing uphill and I kept urging them higher and higher while I ran into a school on the end of the cove to make sure that all of the children and teachers were moving to higher ground as well. Everyone made it out in time, but I was still in the school as the waves were coming towards it- now level with the school which was pretty high above the water, usually.

Of course after the fact I could analyze this dream to death. I was on an island that seemed tropical, but was cool in temperature… Japan in the winter, anyone? Surrounded my indigenous people- in my dream the people were just sort of ambiguously NOT the same ethnicity as myself, but I couldn’t really tell what they were (I am vanilla- a blend of white European, mostly). There were video cameras, we were filming something- this could relate to the live coverage of the earthquake and tsunami that has since been aired ad nauseum. The school and everyone making it out OK- here in the Pacific NW they were evacuating people on the coast to elementary schools up on higher ground… and nobody was killed in the U.S. from the tsunami, I don’t think… (maybe one person who should not have been walking on the beach during a tsunami alert!).

Anyway, there are so many facts that make sense in the dream that correlate to what happened in real life- but not any good specifics. I had no idea exactly where, or WHEN, or, well, anything.

Also, in the original dream I ended up in the water after the school- in a sort of harbor with a bunch of debris, and I then wrestled a vicious and enormous Anaconda and was saved by Brad Pitt who was high on mushrooms at the time. SO WHERE DOES THAT STUFF FIT IN? Obviously it was a DREAM- but still, I clearly pay a lot of attention to my dreams (thus this blog full of them) but I still have no idea what they mean half of the time.

I don’t know if I am subconsciously experiencing an awakening of sorts that is personal or if I am predicting events. I remember my dreams quite well and it is not unusual for me to find myself in situations in my life that I have LITERALLY dreamed of previously, down to the smallest detail. Yet, these dreams are always completely mundane and so is the reality- so what is the point of that?

I think perhaps the point is that we have probably all always had these sorts of abilities- but we have, over the last couple thousand years or so, forgotten that we had them and DEFINITELY forgot how to use them. Not that anyone has ever been able to pinpoint disasters all too well (even Edgar Cayce has been wrong on the dates before)- but perhaps these abilities at one time were of more use, and perhaps they will be in the future.

Who is to say? I wish there was a guide book for this stuff. Anyone out there have one? No? Didn’t think so. : )

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Lucid Dreaming

Last night I had one of the longest and most vivid lucid dreaming experiences I have ever had… and it was a very strange dream- let me tell you! I have been reading a lot of fiction the last few days and have also been writing quite a bit of fiction, and I feel like some of these stories have managed to tangle themselves together in my dream, while injecting a bit of my personal life as well.

The dream began with me standing on a grassy knoll next do a small river. On the other side of the river was an adorable little community of white houses with tiled roofs and cute little gardens with pens of animals. It was very agrarian and seemed very sweet and peaceful. Not quite Hobbit-ish, but somewhat reminiscent of The Shire. I wanted to go across the river- and suddenly I found myself on the other side.  I then began to explore- and this is when the dream became Lucid. I started looking around, climbing up hills to get a better view. I was thinking “Yes! This is where I want to live! I have found it. This is perfect!” There was some kind of  celebration going on in the village and I went into town to see what was going on. I went underneath a kind of awning that was overlooking the river and my son and husband were there. I went over to them and started hugging my husband and went to kiss him, and he shied away from me. I was confused by this and I must have asked him what was going on because he answered me and said, ” We got divorced a long time ago Jen. Back on Earth when you were in your early 30’s.” (I just turned 28 in real life). He then cited the reason being the main point of contention in our marriage (on his end) as the reason why we had broken up. I thought this was strange for multiple reasons, but mostly he didn’t look much older, and our son was still very small- so I was confused about the timing.

Anyway, I was saddened by news of our divorce but was more concerned about what he meant about “BACK ON EARTH.” I was like “Waitaminute! What do you mean BACK ON EARTH??” and he sort-of rolled his eyes and said something along the lines of “We’ve been over this…” and my imagination is racing all over the place because I am like, well, if we aren’t on Earth we must be on some other water planet which is a hell of a ways away so maybe we really WERE all saved by ETs… but then I zeroed in on the “We’ve been over this” statement and became concerned that perhaps I had dementia in this story line.

My husband had walked off around the corner of a stone building attached to the awning and I followed after him, wanting to ask more questions- but he made it clear he did not have time to talk right now and handed me our son. I became concerned that perhaps he had a new  family somewhere- (how RUDE! I thought) but then again, maybe I had a new family too- WHO KNOWS– this dream is weird.

Then a small hovercraft that looked somewhat like an old fashioned one-seater airplane hovered over the villiage and a human in military-like garb landed it in the middle of the little celebration. People immediately scattered. It did not seem to be that they were scattering in panic, but more like, “Oh great… party’s over, let’s go home.” I decided I should find some kind of shelter since I didn’t know what these military guys were about and found my way to a stone library.

There was apparently a little secret door that you could go through, but it was very small- large enough for my son, but it would be conspicuous if I were to go through- and it seemed like I shouldn’t.  I think he must’ve gone through though because he was suddenly gone. I decided to go through the front doors of the library and found myself in a contemporary office setting. There were women sitting behind desks in their offices and I walked into one of the offices to explain that my son had gone down into the library (which I was assuming was in the basement, since the main floor was an office) and that I needed to go and find him. Then these women all took out their cell phones and started taking my picture- suspiciously- and I was pissed and told them to stop and then turned went out a side door to see if I could find my son that way.

I then found myself in a large discount- clothing store and as I was looking around my purse spilled out onto the ground.  I have a small zipper-pouch of crystals that I carry around in my purse everywhere I go that somehow came unzipped scattering quartz all over the place, as well as this round polished marble stone my son likes to carry around with him. I managed to pick up all the stones and put them back into  my bag. I then looked around the store a little bit before deciding there wasn’t anything I needed in there and walked out.

Then I found myself walking outside in the grass and came up to a house with people hanging out in the side yard. These appeared to be friends of mine, although I didn’t really recognize them. I then realized that all of the men had only shaved half of their faces, and the other halves were stubbly. I asked them why they did this and it appeared to be a joke. I think I woke up after this.

Completely unrelated…. (?):

I had sleep paralysis after the above dream and I woke up and was completely paralyzed and could barely breathe. I had the feeling that “something” was there in the room with us. I could feel my son thrashing around next to me, whining in his sleep and I KNEW something was in the room with us and that he sensed it too. I then felt like my entire body was electrocuted. I felt buzzing energy flying and and down my entire body and a lot of pressure in my abdominal area. I squeezed my eyes shut as another round of electrocution coursed through me. Twice total. I then started to panic a little  bit because I couldn’t breathe- and a moment later I was awake and conscious and fine. Sleep paralysis is really the worst. Gah!

** Oh! I also had another dream afterward that involved my son’s polished marble – it’s really a polished round rock that is the size and shape of a marble. Anyway- in the dream we were passing it around a circle of people and every time someone else held it it would transform into a completely different shape with different crystals and geodes and whatnot. Very cool. I wish it did that in real life! It would be quite the ROCK! : )

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Fetus dreams and Paranormal.

The last few weeks I have had intermittent dreams that I was pregnant and could feel the baby moving inside me. For anyone that has ever been pregnant, you know that sometimes you have “phantom fetal movements” even years after you give birth. In most cases, let’s be honest, it’s probably gas.

These “dreams” have been so vivid that I can almost swear that I am awake. These dreams have been happening once every few weeks or so, until this week. This week I have dreamed that I was pregnant three nights in a row- and they were not comforting dreams either.

The first dream, on Sunday night, I dreamed that I was laying in a white tiled room on a kind of step. It reminded me of what the inside of a steam room looks like with giant steps (seats) all around. I was laying on the slab and a doctor (nurse? technician?) was examining my abdomen with an ultrasound. As they touched my belly with the ultrasound device I looked onto a monitor to see a fully formed baby’s head with an open eye looking right at me. I was SHOCKED. This eye was huge, human and dark. I turned away from it in shock. It really gave me the creeps. Not a feeling one should feel when looking at their fetus.

I freaked out and told the technician that I did not know that I was pregnant. The person told me that I was due to give birth any day- and I was stunned. I remember saying “But I have been drinking [cocktails] this whole time! I hope it’s OK! (“It” meaning the baby).” The technician did not seem to care about this one way or the other and left the room.

I then woke up in my bed with my heart beating like crazy- I was relieved, to say the least.

Skip ahead to the next night, and I THINK that I am just laying in bed, but again I must be dreaming because I feel the baby moving again. I felt very much to me like a near-term baby was in there. My skin felt tight and when the baby stretched I felt that feeling that is not quite pain but is definitely not comfortable- around the time they take up ALL the room in your body and still seem to want more.

I laid there pondering this feeling when suddenly I was struck with what felt like an electrical jolt in the side of the neck. I have felt this before when dealing with poltergeist activity in our old (haunted) house. The jolt was accompanied with a flash of bright white light on the other side of my eyelids and then I found myself lucid, laying in my bed.

Then Tuesday night- all hell seemed to be breaking lose in our apartment. There was loud banging on the walls of our apartment (the interior walls, it could not have been our neighbors). There was a HUGE sound of the TV in our bedroom being hit by something large and hard- it was so loud that my cat (who was laying on my feet) jumped about 2 feet in the air. I have never seen my animals react to things before. My husband and son remained asleep.

Last night was also strange. For a while I have felt that there is a shadowy figure that will walk past my bedroom door at night. I get up and look around and there is never anything there. Last night I swear I saw it walk INTO my bedroom but when I turned to look, it was gone.

I don’t know what is going on, really. I don’t know how much any of these things are related, if at all. The energy in my home has just been strange- electric, almost. Let’s just say I am keeping my eyes and ears open, and not trying to read TOO much into any one thing or another.

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Futuristic Nightmares

This last weekend I turned 28 years old. On my birthday and the following evening I had some of the most disturbing future-esque dreams that I can remember having ever.

Both nights the dreams took place back in my childhood home. In my childhood bedroom, to be more exact. I have lived in nearly a dozen places since I moved out of my parent’s home over a decade ago- yet my dreams return again and again to this house. I am sure that there is probably a fairly logical (heh) subconscious reason for this, but I have yet to really make the connection for myself.

On Saturday night I dreamed that I was in my childhood bedroom. My mother, my husband and my son were with me in my room. The lights were on and it appeared to be my childhood furnishings. My daybed was located underneath the window and my dresser was against the wall. The location of the furniture doesn’t mean a lot necessarily (I was extremely fond of rearranging my furnishings as a child), except to say that I got rid of that daybed when I bought my first full sized bed when I turned 10. The location of my bed reminds me of a very particular memory I have as a child that I think about often.

I was probably not more than 7 or 8 years old and I decided that I was going to go to sleep- I remember making a very conscious decision in my mind, “I am going to close my eyes now and go to sleep,” I told myself. I then closed my eyes and I am CERTAIN that I never lost consciousness. I remember thinking, “Eh, I think I will just blink, and then I will go to sleep,” and when I opened my eyes it was morning. I was completely astonished by this and the memory has stuck with me ever since.

Back to the dream. We were all staring at out the window and I was of the impression that there was a helicopter hovering in our backyard. I could see clearly that this helicopter did not have any propellers, it was just hovering on it’s own by some unknown force. In the background I could see people being floated up out of their houses and moved- sleeping- to other locations. Beyond that, I could see entire HOUSES being picked up by beams of light and moved to other locations. I did not want any of those beams picking up my family or I, yet I knew they were taking someone out of the next room. At that moment a sleeping child came through the window (illuminated in a beam of light) and moved through my room- out through the wall on the other side- and through the rest of the house, and back out again.

At that point the hovering helicopter came right up to my window and there were two authoritarian-seeming females, one piloting, one with a clipboard or something in her hands. They then yelled at me and said “WE WILL FIND YOU. WE WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU. WE KNOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT LAND IN HAWAII AND OTHER COUNTRIES BUT WE WILL FIND YOU THERE AS WE HAVE ALWAYS FOUND YOU.”

The hovercraft left and I woke up in my bed shaking and terrified. I have not been threatened in my dreams in that way before, that I can remember. The memory of it still brings back the tremors I experienced afterward.

The next night- same scene. I dreamed I was in my childhood bedroom with my husband and we were going to bed, this time in a full-sized bed. I heard loud blasts coming from outside my window and looked to see jet-like craft moving through the neighborhood as fast as  lightning, if not faster. They were flashing back and forth. I didn’t know if they were attacking us or protecting us, but far on the horizon I could see a mushroom cloud that was building.

In both dreams I had a distinct feeling that whatever was amiss was completely ALIEN in nature.

I awoke from this dream with the same tremors and terror. I am now missing some of the details because I have taken so long to write them down, but I do feel that all of this has a lot to do with what is going on globally in the world. The safety of my family is always utmost in my mind, and it appears (in my dreams) that there is no safe place. Sometimes I feel this way in waking life as well… actually, I feel this way most of the time.

I am a generally happy and balanced person, these dreams are not coming from direct events or psychosis from my waking life…. I don’t think.

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Heightened Awareness and a Holistic Mentality- How I am Bracing Myself.

With the incoming of the new year I definitely felt a surge of momentum. My dreams have been full of giant waves, rushing rivers, enormous, monstrous faucets pouring water into rivers- energy is moving. I consider to be a person that has a certain amount of heightened awareness and with that awareness comes a focus on a certain set of responsibilities, not only to myself, but to the world around me.

Contrary to popular civilized belief, I do not believe that there are very many things that can be known with any certainty. If anything, all that the scientific method has proven is that something can be considered true only until it is disproven- and things are disproven A LOT.

Two things that I do consider to be truths are that I am a human being and I am a spiritual being. I have opened Pandora’s Box trying to find out what those two truths mean, and I have come nowhere close to putting that puzzle together, but I have learned that as a human and a spirit, there is a certain way in which I want to frame my existence or incarnation in the time that I am given.

There are many things that I will be working on during the coming year. These are aspects of myself that have been a work in progress for most of my life, and now, on the cusp of my Saturn Return, I feel that I can no longer use the distractions that so many people fill their lives with as an excuse for not living the best life possible.

It is true what they say “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” From now on I want to live every day that way. Every day is fresh and full of opportunities. I am very well aware of all the negativity and dispair and violence and mental illness and suffering in the world. I am been so very blessed to have been born into a life where these experiences have been minimal for myself and my family. It is because of these blessings that I choose not to dwell on the negativity of the world. I do not feel that it is my place to do so, and I do not wish to add my flame to that fire.

Everyday I find myself marveling at both the micro and macrocosms in which we exist. It makes sense to me that the state each individual microcosm (each human being) obviously effects that state of the macrocosm (the earth and its inhabitants). Therefore, I believe that it is our responsibility as microcosms to take care of ourselves first and foremost- and not to worry so much about what EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING. (This is a concept that I work on with my 3-year-old all. the. time.)

I think taking a holistic approach to personal health and hygene is a perfect way to start tending your own little microcosm. I believe that the health of the body can very much so effect that health of the mind. I think as we learn to care for our bodies instead of trying to drug them or ignore them the more spiritual we will become. If you aren’t filling your body, your pantry and your home with chemicals and preservatives you are automatically operating on a clearer and cleaner wavelength and you open yourself up to a lot more positive experiences. The media reminds us constantly that people are eating too much “pretend, manufactured food,” not exercising enough, not looking after their health- they are overweight, depressed, etc- and we can see this by the state of the macrocosm. My advice- turn off the TV- and just worry about yourself for the time being.

This advice is not meant to sound selfish- it’s just step 1. More to come on the subject of Holistic Health in future posts, believe me, I can discuss it ad nauseum.

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Brace Yourselves

There is some really crazy energy swirling around in our world right now. The mass confusion, despair, and anger- compounded unceasingly by the media is creating an energy force that is nearly tangible. It’s like a dark cloud of smoke so dense you could bite into it like cotton candy. Not that you would want to- it surely wouldn’t taste like candy.

When it comes to the events going on in the world currently, I find myself with a dilemma. I can either turn off the television, stay away from news sites and simply focus on the things I am doing in my own life to guarantee that I am giving myself and my family the best chance at making it through what is coming in one relative piece- OR I can watch and read the news, fill my mind with this dark cloud- and then what?

I feel like if I let too much of it in that it will paralyze me. How could it not? I think that fear and confusion and frustration is paralyzing a lot of people right now. They don’t know what to do, so they do nothing. That isn’t to say that I think we can ignore what is going on altogether. I feel that we need to accept what is happening- realize it, accept it, and also accept that the government and all of its officials is not going to save us from it. If anything, they will only make it worse. This is my honest opinion.

I am also not trying to say that we are all in dire straits- what I want to say is that I feel that now is the time, if there was ever a time, to make sure that you are as physically, emotionally, mentally and psychically healthy as possible. You will need strength for what is ahead. If you need to turn your back to the black cloud to find the truth within, the truth that humanity has goodness in them- that humans are not all greedy, power-hungry, earth killers- then do it. I really believe that now is the time to SAVE YOURSELF in whatever ways you can.

To be honest, I don’t really know what I am talking about. I know that intuitively I feel that something has been brewing for a long time. This isn’t something you need intuition to see, however. Yesterday’s terrorist attack in Arizona was just adding a pinch of salt to the pot. I can only say with sadness that I feel this is only the beginning.

Last night I dreamed I was back in my childhood home, as I often do. The state of the house was quite deteriorated. There was a lot of water damage, that I could see. I was in my old bedroom and the carpet was soaked- my feet squelched as I walked to the back window- that had (in my dream) been converted to a sliding glass door that opened onto a second story deck. My father was out on the deck- trying to tidy up what appeared, to me, to be a lost cause. As I tried to open the door it shattered, all the glass fell to the floor except for one shard that stuck in my first finger on my right hand. I thought it was just a tiny piece of glass, but as I pulled it out I realized that it had stuck almost all the way through my finger.

I started crying- even though I didn’t care about the door, and the finger didn’t really hurt. I just felt that I needed some assistance of some kind. I then found myself walking along a road next to a dock with a couple of friends and my son. We were going to an apartment building, and I felt we were in Hawaii, although it was colder that it ever gets there and the sky was dark with clouds. It seems like one of those alternate-reality dreams. One of my friends was on her cell phone and said that “they” (no idea who THEY are) had captured a grey alien, and that it was asking for me. I put the phone up to my ear and I had no idea what was being said- so the girls I was with decided to take me to the alien.

We entered some kind of dark, futuristic building. It appeared to all be made of metal, but I can’t be sure. There was an elevator- and we pushed the button to go up to the attic of the building where the alien was being held. My son and I entered the elevator, and he must have pushed a button because the doors closed before anyone else could enter. Suddenly we were shooting upward and I found myself EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE with the fact that my son and I were going to see this alien ALONE now without our entourage.

Suddenly I am on a coastal road- I still feel that I am in Hawaii, and I know intuitively that it is the big island. My mom is driving my son and I in a van- that apparently does not have roof- because the road is along a very steep cliff that drops into the ocean, and water keeps washing up and then pulling the back of the van off of the cliff- so I keep jumping out and trying to push the van back onto the road. My mom seems STRANGELY UNCONCERNED with this fact- which is so far from how she would actually be reacting to this situation it is not even funny.

The road we were on was at least 100 meters about the ocean, so the waves must have been huge- to be washing across the road, but they were not forceful- they simply glided across and back on the road- washing back down the cliff. After a couple of times where I very nearly slid right off the cliff trying to help the van to stay on, the back end of the van goes completely over the side and I jump out- and grab onto the side of the cliff, knowing that I would be going over either way.

Suddenly my mom is hanging on to my right- and I look over and my son is hanging on to my left. at least a hundred feet below me are jagged rocks, and then the ocean. I am trying to scramble back up when my son starts to let go. With my left hand I grab him and hold him to me. My mom is still encouraging me to try to climb back up- but the van is sliding towards us- it is going to knock us over the edge either way. Realizing I cannot possibly climb without the use of my left arm and being unable to let go of my son- I decide to let go of the cliff.

I am falling and can hear my mother screaming and I can see that I am not going to land in the water, but rather, on the rocks- and suddenly I realize this is a dream- but still my only hope is that I break my son’s fall when we land- and I see a man down on the rocks, staring up at us as we fall- I am going to barely miss him when we land…. and I wake up.

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New Year, New Life.

Happy New Year.

I know I have been quiet around these parts lately. To be honest, I simply have not been able to eloquently or even coherently articulate myself, my dreams, or even my reality lately.

It seems like the last few months of 2010 were such a whirlwind- I was caught up in a cyclone of activities and appointments, and dates and work and events- I hardly had time to sleep, read, or think- let alone reflect! Luckily, I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be different, for me. The whirlwind events of the last year have prepared me for a more centered and cohesive 2011.

My dreams lately have dealt heavily with karmic events that have transpired in my life. One night after another I find my subconscious airing my dirtly laundry to myself, and forcing me to confront issues from my past. Although I am a different person now, there were several selfish years there in my late teens and early twenties. There are still issues to work through there that I simply buried and forgot about for a while, only to find a tree of thorns growing once revisited.

It is a crazy time in the world right now. I know that most people’s lives are going through one sort of upheaval or another. The upheaval in my life, currently, is more internal for the moment, but I plan on externalizing it more over the next year, hopefully in the form of productive progress.

I have thought long and hard about what I want to do with my life. It has changed many times- but mostly because I was only looking at one aspect or another at a time. I was thinking about my job, or where I wanted to live, or what kind of environment I saw myself interacting with, or how much money I needed to do something or other- but for some reason I never fused those things into a solid and cohesive plan or vision. I just lost interest with one thing or another because I felt like I couldn’t have everything I wanted if I only chose once piece of the puzzle.

It has taken me a long time to realize that the corporate world is not where I want to be. I know that sounds like a rather obvious decision to make, but I work for a wonderful, smaller company- and they have treated me so well that I couldn’t imagine leaving them- and my insurance package, and my 401K package, and my flexible schedule and ability to work from home in the afternoon to be with my son… It has honestly been the best situation for me- up until I realize that this wasn’t fulfilling to me and probably never will be.

Do not get me wrong- I am very thankful for my job, and could probably continue to do it for a very long time- but I feel that the world is very much reaching a tipping point or crescendo and I no longer feel happy doing a job that doesn’t produce something solid and bountiful. With that being said- I have decided that I need to follow my real dream- a dream that would take me out of the smog of the city, the cold of the Pacific NW and will allow me to grow a large garden so that I can sustain my family and friends. I want a yoga retreat, a place with beautiful fresh food and flowers- a simple life. I know this sounds completely idyllic and may be a pastoral dream that many share- but so what?

I have no idea how I am going to do this yet- but the intention is there. I am looking into business models for retreats and small organic farms and government grants- and who knows what else- but I am taking some action.
I don’t know how much longer the world is going to be the way that it is- but I am here to continue my spiritual, human journey and hopefully decode some of the secrets of the universe along my way.

This is a picture of the lodge on a 7 acre piece of land that is for sale. On this land is a fruit farm,  a main house and 4 other cabins as well as a separate kitchen and bath house.  I have my eye on it!

Here’s to a very busy and fulfilling year ahead! I wish the best to all of my readers. : )
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