Mountainside vortex- taking people “home.”

I spent most of the last week at my parents’ house in the city I grew up in. I don’t sleep very much normally, I have mild insomnia, so I didn’t dream much while I was there, except for one night.

Friday night I had gone out to meet friends to watch a college football game and came home late to find my son asleep with my parents. I got into bed with my sister and slept quite soundly until my dad brought my {now awake} son in, as he had awakened and asked for me.

As soon as he got into bed I could tell he was feverish. His little limbs were burning up, but I thought as long as he was sleeping we were ok.

It was once he joined me that I had two of the most vivid, rattling dreams that I had had in weeks.

In the first dream I am in the valley where I grew up, on the northwestern side of the hill my parents live on. In the dream the city basically doesn’t exist and there are no roads- just grassy fields and pine trees. This leads me to believe that perhaps in these dreams where I feel I am in the valley where I grew up, I am actually just associating the place with home, although I am not actually there- astrally or otherwise. Let’s face it, there is always grass and trees in my dreams, and I grew up in the desert.

Anyway-  my mom and I walk up a grassy hill to a grocery store. I remember thinking how odd it was that we could “still” go to a store and buy groceries in this day and age. There were many other people in the store, which seemed rather dingy, but it was food, none-the-less.

In each aisle there were ropes that hung down like swings, and I took the opportunity to swing from them, unintentionally tangling them together and swinging into an annoyed oncomer’s way. I apologize and was embarrassed, as that sort of behavior is rather out of context for my personality.

I decided to wait outside for my mother, who was buying bread- and when I came outside I looked up onto the cliff side behind the store to see an vortex appear in what I assumed to be a cave. It was round and it was swirling and was making vibrating “woow woow woow” sounds and suddenly a flash of lightening shot out of it and hit a building nearby.

My first reaction was to run, and I ran several hundred feet towards a large brick building down the hill from the store, before I realized that my mother was not next to me as I had assumed she would be. I turned around and saw her standing in the doorway of a large, white square building that looked like it could be an apartment or office building built in the early 1900’s.

At first she just stands there, but then she opens the door and disappears inside. I stare, wondering why she just went in there- while the vortex continues to strike out, blowing up people and buildings nearby. Suddenly the were a few people trying to corral people towards the while building, telling them that it’s time for everyone to go “Home.” I absolutely understood this “Home” not to be a place where we were to reside, but something/somewhere else entirely.

I was suspicious of the woman who was trying to corral me towards “Home” and turned away from her and looked down the hill, worried for my mother, but not wanting to go HOME just yet… and I woke up.

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2 Responses to Mountainside vortex- taking people “home.”

  1. Wow. No wonder you don’t sleep much, Jen. This is an incredible dream that strikes me as deeply archetypal. Home…as in space? other planet? I find it interesting that your mom went into the building. That seems to fit the journey she’s on with her spiritual search.

  2. nancy says:

    I agree with Trish. My first thought was it was another planet – but not when you told me the dream while you were here, just now when I read it. (Which is strange in itself, now that I think about it. I’m not one to believe I’ll be saved from anything by being picked up by aliens.) I think there may be some feeling of parental responsibility as well – you could not follow me because you didn’t have your son, and the knowledge that the time will come when you won’t have your own mother is often disturbing. Very archetypal.

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